Educator Webinar - The Non-traditional EMS Classroom

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Dan Limmer

Educators have been hearing a lot about alternatives to lecture. Although we recognize students don't learn best that way, lecture is the "safe zone" for both educators and students. This presentation will talk about the benefits of non-traditional EMS education and help the educator easily begin more dynamic methods of education. Whether you call it active learning, the "flipped" classroom or something else, after this presentation you will believe the non-traditional is the new traditional.

About the Presenter:
Dan Limmer is a photojournalist, documentary photographer and author living in Kennebunk Maine. His photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country. He has been involved in the emergency services for 32 years and is the author of more than a dozen textbooks for emergency medical services personnel. He is a frequent and in-demand speaker at EMS conferences around the United States. He consults in medical-legal cases and EMS system training and development.